Creator Goods just made a part of their kitchen public. We decided to launch our favorite color grading collection for Color Finesse users. For the past 2 years we've been working with Color Finesse and we never found a easier pogram to work with. Unfortunately because of some limitations we had to move to a different platform. It's not sad news, cause we came in conclusion that we could've shared this long time go. Some of you say; better late than never. We dont accept nevers.  Click on the image below to watch a short clip introduction, Read more for download info!

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Cinematics Styles by Creator Goods started right after John hope released an authentic picture style for canon that would help dslr users get hte famous late 2010's cinemas colorimetry. This picture style named cinema inspired us on creating cinematic looks that would achieve similar looks seen on television ads and hollywood blockbusters. Cinematic Styles was specially made and tested for dslr users. Filmmakers can now use these for a certain style, mood or a close indication of which color pallete works best for their films.

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Note: You need After Effects/Premiere Pro or Final Cut with Color Finesse in order to use these presets collection! Please visit:

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