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The key to create remarkable things starts by making the best use of your resources and so did we! Create & Educate has become our center where we can share innovative concepts and meaningful tips. We share our bright minds in hope to activate young people into creating something. For the past 5 years we have been giving workshops and lectures to young artists, amateur filmmakers who wanted to achieve a specific goal within their possibilities. With Create & Educate will we not only share new concepts, but we are also giving weekly new tips, handy tools for everyone who's ready to DIY. 


A Collection of Cinematic Styles

Written by Creator Goods Office on .

Creator Goods just made a part of their kitchen public. We decided to launch our favorite color grading collection for Color Finesse users. For the past 2 years we've been working with Color Finesse and we never found a easier pogram to work with. Unfortunately because of some limitations we had to move to a different platform. It's not sad news, cause we came in conclusion that we could've shared this long time go. Some of you say; better late than never. We dont accept nevers.  Click on the image below to watch a short clip introduction, Read more for download info![widgetkit id=65]

cant stop wont stop making of

Written by Ilton K. do Rosario on .

Today we completed our second episode for the CSWS collection. It was a remarkable day. Salim was in good mood and we hot all the shots we desired. Check out the process during our shooting days. Stay tuned, we will post soon an interview about the minds behind CSWS.



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