Creator Goods consists of a team of young creators. It was founded in 2012 by designer/artist Kiet Hoang and later supervised by cinematographer/writer Ilton K. do Rosario. Creater Good was made in order to create an enviroment full of empathy by collaborating with creative and talented artists. Supporting connections of new visions with the correct resources. 

Creator Goods is specialized in creating corporate-, informational- and training videos, short films, documentaries, webvideos, art, designs, and commercials. It's fun to get involved in any kind of project and our team is well prepared for all kind of circumstances. We see new possibilities in every workfield which leads to new ideas that brings us to new concepts and challenges. "Sometimes when things need to be done in the name of greater good, the most people just won't understand."

In therms of professionality, our creators have been gaining experience througout the years in order to deliver high-end innovative products to customers & clients. With our breath, sweat & blood we have been giving entrepeneurs the power by creating something that is equal to an simple answer of a complicated question.  Why? How? What? It's Creator Goods.

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